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Moralt AG

Posted on: July 18, 2023

Moralt AG, based in the Bavarian Alps in southern Germany, is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of specialist, technical internal and external door core solutions. Moralt AG is a carbon neutral business, and our timber door cores are FSC® as standard. They have been supplying the UK market with fire-rated door cores since 2007, and also have developed a distribution business in the Middle East where they have had a presence since 2010. Their domestic business – covering Germany, Austria, Switzerland as well as northern Italy – has supplied door products into the market for over 20 years.

Their internal door core range, LAMINESSE, consists of four products: FireSmoke, FireSound, FireSmoke Xtreme and FireSound Xtreme in thicknesses from 44mm up to 59mm, and performing FD30, FD60, FD90, FD120 to BS 476 Pt. 22; with European coverage to EI30; and then UL10C to 60 minutes. Their fire certification is with Exova Warringtonfire, IFC and Intertek (BS and UL) and third-party certification is within the BM TRADA Q-Mark and IFCC schemes.

Their specialist field is high acoustics, also with fire ratings, and a number of door core products within their fire-rated range can offer operational door acoustic certification beyond 40dB in most configurations. As “inter-connecting” or “back-to-back” doors, their acoustic performances exceed dB50 and attain up to 68dB using a combination of standard timber cores and acoustic clad-on panels.

The Moralt LAMINESSE range has furthermore successfully undergone a number of operational, mechanical, security and cyclic test programmes including: DD171, EN1191, EN1192, PAS 24, EN 6375 Pts. 1, 2 & 3.

The Moralt external door core range, FERRO, also offers some very unique characteristics. The entire FERRO door range in thicknesses 68mm, 78mm, 88mm, and 98mm all have a 10 year non-bow guarantee on account of unrivalled climatic endurance which takes door testing into account at temperatures ranging from 3°C to -15°C and back up to 75°C at various air moisture levels. For timber core products, the word “guarantee” is seldom, if ever, used. Lastly, our market-leading timber certified Passivhaus door offer, FERRO Passiv, in 98mm thickness covers also fire-ratings up to FD60 (BS 476 Pt.22); dB42 acoustically, and a host of climatic-, security, weather and mechanical performances.

Moralt AG lays tremendous emphasis on product development in all of its markets, and appreciates that continuous product testing is critical where fire-rated products and peoples‘ lives are at stake.

For international sales contact
Steven Dennard
t: +49 (0)175 1194 651

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