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These calculators are provided as is and should be used for guidance purposes. For any help or assistance please get in touch.

Door Growth Calculator provided by Tony Palmer Doortech 2000 - Useful Tools

Door Growth Calculator


A - Enter the door leaf width
B - Enter dimension from the hanging stile to the pivot centre of the hanging device (usually 1 ~ 1.5mm for single action with standard hinge)
C - Enter the door leaf thickness
D - Enter the dimension from the opening face of the door to the centre of the pivot device, which is usually about 50% of the hinge knuckle diameter

NOTE: For double action door the pivot centre dimension will generally be a negative number

The 'Door Growth' dimension measures the extent to which the operating gap (at the closing stile) is reduced as the door is operated. If this dimension is less than the design operating gap then the door will clear the frame (or the adjacent door if a pair). If the 'Door Growth' dimension is greater than the operating gap then a 'leading edge' (bevel) will need to be applied to closing stile(s) of the door(s) such that the closing face of the door is reduced by the 'Door Growth' dimension less the design operating gap.

To provide for a constant gap as the door swings a 'leading edge' (bevel) must be applied to the closing stile so that the closing face of the door is narrower than the opening face by the 'door growth' dimension.

For further explanation download our "Door Growth Explained" guide »

If a measured force is 'x' taken at at a particular dimension in width from the hanging device - what will be the opening force at the closing stile for a defined door width?


A - Dimension in mm from pivot centre of hanging device to measuring point with force meter
B - Enter max force recorded by force meter
C - Enter door leaf width (in mm)

What is the maximum force reading permitted at the measuring point by reference to standards / regulations when measured at any defined distance from the closing stile?

Max. Force leading edge 0 ~ 60°

Max. Force leading edge 30 ~ 60°


A - Enter door leaf width (in mm)
B - Enter dimension from leading edge to contact point for force meter (in mm)
X - Maximum permitted force at leading edge by reference BS8300 : 2009 +A1:2010

For double action doors reduce the door leaf width (Dim. A) by the dimension from the hanging stile to the pivot centre of the hanging device