Architectural and Specialist Door Manufacturers’ Association (ASDMA)

Pacific Rim Wood Ltd

Posted on: July 18, 2023

Pacific Rim Wood Ltd. have been responsible for establishing a growing range of door cores for the past fifteen years including strong industry brands such as the Flamebreak and Safeguard range of door blanks. The development of both Flamebreak and Safeguard has included extensive testing for performance in relation to Fire, Acoustics, Mechanics, Thermal U Value and Environmental certification to ensure that both Flamebreak and Safeguard lead the market as affordable door cores with a significant stable of test evidence.

Pacific Rim Wood Ltd. are committed to improving and enhancing the extensive test evidence that exists for both Flamebreak and Safeguard and will continue to further develop door cores with Acoustic and Thermal U Value performance in mind to meet the demands of the changing market.

All of our door products are manufactured in Indonesia using raw materials that are either FSC certified or carry the “V Legal” certification which confirms raw materials are legally sourced.

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