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Posted on: July 18, 2023

Pyroplex Ltd has a worldwide reputation as a leading UK manufacturer of high-performance fire containment products. Their fire seals and fire stopping products are supported by international testing and certification. They hold third-party approval under internationally recognised schemes to the highest standards such as CERTIFIRE and IFC. Their technical team serve on many fire related committees and associations and are recognised as fire industry experts.

They manufacture high performance fire seals for use in timber doors, composite doors, metal doors and glazing systems offering fire containment periods of up to 120 minutes. In addition to fire containment properties, they offer solutions with added smoke control and acoustic characteristics.

To effectively contain fire in compartments, they also manufacture and test an extensive range of fire stopping products including solutions for linear joint sealing and penetration sealing. Their fire stopping products include CE Marked pipe collars and wraps, and fire rated sealants.

Pyroplex offer a custom design and manufacturing service for specific requirements of fire containment products. They can advise on appropriate types of testing and the use of their onsite test furnace for indicative tests, prior to full scale testing at accredited test houses.

Pyroplex has comprehensive coverage of the UK through their distribution network, and their multilingual Worldwide Service Centre and distribution partners provide export markets with a complete service.

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